Iron Miners

Recently we teamed up with members from the group known as Iron Miners. Like us they hunt down remarkable history and fantastic locations long forgotten in New England. What makes them unique, is that they pursue stories connected to mines lost in the forests across the northeast. Some of these tales are connected to important moments in the early history of America. We had such a great time working with them on the Lost cave of Monroe, we already have plans to team up with them on some fascinating projects in 2018.

Over the years of hunting down mines, they have captured many of their adventure in short documentaries. We thought many of you would find them as interesting as we did, so we’ll be posting them on our blog. Later this year we’ll be posting new videos on the amazing stories we’re working on with them right now.

The first video we will share is titled Portal to the Past: Discovering an 18th Century Connecticut Copper Mine


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  • Pat Connors says:

    Really interesting video Michael. It must have been exciting to find evidence of the original miners. We’re going to visit Oak Island this Spring. Hopefully they uncover something amazing.

    • Michael says:

      Unfortunately I wasn’t with the Iron Miners when they found this mine. Luckily Mike Sandone did a great job capturing the story on video, so we could all enjoy it.

      It should be fun to visit Oak Island. I remember being excited by the story when I was a kid. Nova Scotia is a great place to visit too.

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