In 2018 we are excited to be doing two expeditions through National Geographic Open Explorer. We will be restarting our project on Bioluminescence in New England and beginning a new project to document all known and newly discover petroglyphs and inscriptions in the northeast.

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Asha @ TED

In October of 2014 a fellow OpenExplorer & Marine Biologist Asha De Vos did a TEDtalk and it has just been posted on the from page at We’re very excited to see her work get the attention it deserves! Asha opens with mentioning the whales in Cape Cod bay, a place close to home for us.


You can see it at:

Here story at Nation Geographic:

And her Open Explorer expedition:


Asha @ TED

Asha @ TED

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Bioluminescence in New England

Panellus StipticusBefore the mid-1800s, most people dwelled in places where the night often brought complete blackness. If a person ventured outside at night, there would be times when they stumbled on a world of luminous organisms living in our forests and bays. Some of these instances could be frightening and have been the origin of local lore.

We now live in an age of illumination and have lost touch with the strange world of bioluminescence. The dark conditions needed are now eliminated by the light pollution around us. Because of this, most people are only aware of one of the six members of this microcosm, the firefly.

In 2015 we plan to hunt down all of New England creatures that exhibit bioluminosity. Though we will start with the familiar firefly, our journey will take us from the sea to the dark swamps and forests. Using our OpenROV and being patient explorers, we hope to capture photos and images of these amazing organisms in their natural habitats.


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